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Thank you!


Hey Buddy! Thanks for the pack, I used your sprites for a game-portfolio that I made:

Greetings, I've been trying to get a hold of a contact of yours and this is perhaps the closest I've found. Are you taking comissions? If you could please contact me at raphaeldelmaschio at gmail dot com in case you're interested, that would be appreciated.

Nice set. I don't think the graphic style fits my game's design, but I might be grabbing them for a future project!

Can I use these resources outside RPG maker

is this for for rpgmaker 2003?


still working on this ocean's nostalgia series?


Yep! Slowly but I have ideas for future packs too!


pretty dope, i'm excited to see what characters you do next! fingers crossed for vxace or maybe mv :P


This looks amazing. Basically hits all the nostalgia points for me.


nice surprise, looks great!


Awesome work.