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Hey does anyone know how to install all of this and the base pack? Sorry I'm kinda a noob when it comes to this because I just started these types of things and bought it! - Cola

Soooo after many different videos and experimenting I've actually learned how to use this base pack and nostalgia heroes pack and I'm really satisfied! Thank you Oceans Dream for this amazing pack!


Do you plan on making vx or mz commoner or enemy portraits in this style?

Not anytime soon but that's something I should do later...

Can you do one with rpg maker mv faces?

I want to eventually, but MZ is going to be first!

what palette do you use to make this packs? (the one for the colored version)

Awesome, but is there a way to get them other than the rear, or how would I get them out of the rar?

You need to find a program to to unzip/ decompress them, like 7zip or WinRAR.



These are amazing, sadly I don't use RPG Maker. Do you have any plans to make other retro style portraits and/or corresponding character models for use outside of RPGM?


I do want to, I've been a bit busy as of late but yeah I definitely want to make other faces that can be used in any engine too! It's on my eventual to do list!

Awesome! I love the pixelated portraits that have a 90s doujin game feel. Looking forward to what you can turn up.


This is awesome!


do you plan to do the mv characters in this style

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Hello! Can I use these assets in any engine and publish the game for free (no donations, etc.), or is it strictly for use with RPG Maker?

Hi, sadly it's only for use in RPG Maker, sorry. :(


Ahhh I see, no worries. Thank you anyway for your work! They're amazing!


People you can draw inspiration from it, if you like the Dimensions the png's use, then sizes are never copyrighted, so feel free to copy PNG Sizes even Png Layouts then just stick your own art there, then you will have an asset that if you wanted to could slip in both RPG Maker and even out of it, simply cuz the sizes match ;)


Absolutely gorgeous! I'll have to buy the whole tileset when I get back to work after quarantine ends. ๐Ÿ˜



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Yeah that should be fine. :>


This is stinkin' adorable! I don't have any projects planned that would use this tho ;_; but it is stinkin' adorable! Good job!

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I love the style. It's absolutely breathtaking. I'd love to see more in this style, if you ever feel like ๐Ÿ’–


Lovely as usual. I might enjoy these more than any other add-on for nostalgia because variants of rtp faces are the true sentimental alley.


These are amazing, thank you.


thanks for share ! I love pixel style.